Challenge 2 voting

OK well since xthatshot__ is having some issues lately I can't really talk to her much right now about this so I'll take it up for the time being until all of it gets straightened out.

OK sooo vote for your TOP icon. Yet again we only have 5 so yeah... not good. PLEASE try to promote yall. PLEASE? ANYWAYS to the voting:

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Welcome to craziichallenge! We're still getting everything set up and waiting for more members to join but if you'd like to be an affilate with us you can comment here and do that.

Just to let you know all posts except this one will be members only so you cannot enter or vote unless you are a member. && of course you don't have to be an icon maker to be a member, you can join just to vote if you'd like.

The first challenge will begin on FRIDAY, April 29th, and you will have 6 days to get your entries in, (we'll post a reminder Wednesday) we will start the voting on Thursday night. The next day we will post the new challenge when we return home from school and announce the winners.

Since at the moment we only have umm... 4 members INCLUDING Kristen and I (the maintainers) it would be really awesome if yall could help us promote. Thanks.


Screw it, we're bored again so we're starting the challenge tonight but it still won't be due until May 5th
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